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Candidates seeking out the Recruitment Process

Not all candidates are looking out for the lengthy and professional recruitment process being carried out within your organization, who has got the time and patience?

Jokes apart, we all do, when we are looking out for a job, but the present-day candidate seeks beyond just the traditional recruitment process.

The labor market continues to expand, with almost two positions available for each unemployed person. These privileged individuals tend to leverage this power they have over the hiring process in terms of compensation, workplace layout and experiences.

Most importantly, not all employees feel insecure about leaving their current job presently. They have abundant choices within the market besides your company.

Instead of spending your time over employer branding, divert your attention towards creating a meaningful recruitment process that adheres to the expectations of the present-day candidate.

I have heard several statements being made about applicants whenever we start a new hiring process, not all of them are what we need to consider today.

Their priority is the compensation and perks being provided to them, we will buy them against money

Money is the main priority being exchanged by employers in return for the work being done for them.

This statement, in any universe, can never be wrong.

What is wrong however, is the fact that providing a salary package with invisible allowances that are hardly used by employees can not fool the smartness possessed by candidates today. Salary packages need to be more transparent and accountable towards the demand of the current age.

Providing them with living adjustments and allowances can motivate them to travel across countries, just for the job and a better opportunity

For a better opportunity maybe, but having a high hand over a situation equips the candidate with the power to decide – where and how they work.

Would we as professionals be ready to cross over to another country at the whim of our employer? Perhaps for a vacation, I would consider the opportunity. Or for the macarons of Paris, if its Paris. I mean if its Paris, I can give up all odds and transfer immediately to learn how to speak “Croissant”.

Candidates demand remote work, and flexible working options and are even willing to accept a lower wage if given the right towards flexibility.

Getting in is what is most important to them

I will doubt that statement a thousand times, only making an exception when that statement is about Ed Sheeran’s concert.

The current age candidate demands a positive recruitment experience rather than getting in. It also plays an important part in ensuring that the top talent gets onboard your company.

Instead of the excruciatingly long recruitment process that prevails over an year, it is best to make the process more easy, fast and intuitive. Non-response has been a major flaw that a recruiter can possess. Directly converse with each candidate applying for the job, go over their daily responsibilities, the company culture and the hiring process too.

The other day, my colleagues completely ignored a potential candidate we were looking to have on board. The hustle and bustle of the HR office can literally make you ignore the existence of anyone who walked in, except if a zebra walked in. Anyways, the candidate was kept in waiting where some of the employees started venting about how hard their routine was, and it was just a struggle every day. The result? Despite having been granted a handsome compensation package, similar to a lollipop given to a child or a PS5 given to an adult, the candidate declined. All because of the conversation he overheard, and the experience he received.

Perks and benefits will do the job

They would, but do they fill all needs that an employee has?

The candidate today knows the importance of mental health support. Companies need to include mental health resources, amidst increasing competition and workload, acting as a USP.

Giving the high chair to the labor market, it is important to conform with its demands, otherwise, you would be losing out on top talent. It can be daunting at times; we definitely do not have the budget to meet each of the candidate’s needs but we can always make sure to stay on top of trends wherever we can.

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